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Largest Russian Sex Cam Site unknown in the States.

Everywhere I go I run into someone talking about sex cams. I swear that is all anyone can think of. Even at work during lunch I hear not only guys, but chicks as well talking about the fun erotic chat they had the night before!
I asked some of my friends about sex cams and they told me that they love the erotic chat that it is like flirting without having to buy a drink or pray that a girl will like them and flirt back. I guess, I really don’t get it myself.
I remember in the late 80’s they had bars where you could pick up a telephone and call another table and chat with the girl or guy there. You could buy them a drink and flirt on the phone. I think that sex cams and the erotic chat that everyone is talking about is a lot like these old style bars.
I decided to take the plunge and go check out these sex cams myself. I wanted to try out all the erotic chat that everyone has been talking about. I sat down and did a little Googling and found quite a few life sex cams sites and I wasn’t even sure where to start. I soon found a site called Rus Cams, and these are hot and sexy chicks from Russia with love. I wasn’t sure if I could even talk to these lovely sex cams ladies, but soon found out that they spoke English and Russian so that I could chat with them as much as I wanted.
I have to admit that I had a blast at Rus Cams! I got to know a bit more about Russia, had some erotic chat and when I went back to work I could share some of my own erotic chat stories.

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