Download a VPN client and get instant security

At first, VPN may seem like a tricky thing to set up. After all, we’re dealing with traffic encryption here, so it just can’t be simple. Or at least that’s what some may think – well, before they find out about the VPN client software supplied to you by Hot VPN! As it turns out, you can actually download a VPN client software and start using it right away. What exactly is a VPN client? It is a very small utility which takes the weight of setting up all sorts of tech parameters off of your shoulders. Just a very small download, and VPN is up and running on your system like it has been there all this time. Oh, did we say after you download your VPN client you will need to enter your VPN login and password? This whole thing just could not be easier. Windows users are welcome to check out our VPN client page. Whether you are on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, turning your internet connection into a VPN-secured stronghold is quite literally a matter of a few clicks. Our page lists all the details, so let’s start now!
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